Is Android Mining Cryptocurrency Profitable?

Is Android Mining Cryptocurrency Profitable?
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Q. Can I mine cryptocurrency on my smartphone?

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency mining necessitates a significant amount of computing power, Google and Apple do not allow on-device mining on Android and iOS hardware.

The ban, which was enacted in 2018, is still in effect.

“We don’t allow apps that are Mining Cryptocurrency on Android,” according to Google’s most recent Developer Program Policy (effective January 20, 2021). We enable apps that manage cryptocurrency mining remotely.”

Q. Why did Google exclude crypto mining apps from its app store?


Crypto mining puts the device’s processor and other components under a lot of strain, and it also drains the battery.

“Apps should not rapidly drain battery, produce excessive heat, or place undue strain on system resources,” according to the Apple Store guidelines. Although Google has not stated why the crypto mining apps were removed, we can assume it was for the same reason: to prevent the devices from overheating and causing hardware damage.

Is Bitcoin Mining on Android Profitable or Worthwhile?

Answer of Mining Cryptocurrency on Android is profitable or not is Yes, to put it simply. The long response is that it’s difficult.

Bitcoin mining started as a lucrative hobby for early adopters. Who could earn 50 BTC every 10 minutes by mining from the comfort of their own homes.

If you successfully mined only one Bitcoin block and kept it since 2010. You’d have $450,000 worth of bitcoin in your wallet by 2020.

What you wanted ten years ago was a fairly strong machine, a secure internet connection, and Nostradamus’ foresight. It’s no longer such a level playing field, due to industrial bitcoin mining activities. And for many people it makes more sense to simply purchase bitcoin on an exchange like Coinbase.

You needed a reasonably powerful computer, a stable internet connection, and Nostradamus’ foresight ten years ago. Because of industrial bitcoin mining, the playing field is no longer level. And many people find it more convenient to buy bitcoin on an exchange like Coinbase.

What is Hashrate?

Hashrate is a metric for a miner’s processing capacity.

In other words, the more miners (and therefore computing power) mining bitcoin in the hopes of a reward. The more difficult the puzzle becomes to solve. It’s a technological arms race, with the most processing power (hashrate) being able to mine the most bitcoin.

A miner is more likely to find solutions (and therefore block rewards) if the computer has more processing power.

Hashrate was first calculated in hash per second (H/s) in 2009. But due to mining’s exponential development, H/s was soon prefixed with the following SI units:

When you consider the total number of TH/s in the Bitcoin network. However, you get a true sense of the industry’s size:

85 Exahash is the same as 85,000,000 Terahash.

That means that in May 2020, the global daily revenue from Bitcoin mining will be $8.45 million.

How can Bitcoin miners figure out how much money they make?

You’ve already heard horror stories about how much energy Bitcoin mining uses.

If the media exaggerates the effect, the fact remains that the underlying cost of mining is the energy consumed. To be profitable, mining revenue must outweigh those costs, as well as the initial investment in mining hardware.

Mining Revenue

One modern Bitcoin mining machine (commonly known as an ASIC). Such as the Whatsminer M20S. It will produce about $8 in Bitcoin revenue per day in 2020. When you compare this to the revenue generated by mining a different crypto currency, such as Ethereum. Which is done with graphics cards. You can see that Bitcoin mining generates twice as much revenue as mining with the same number. With the same number of GPUs that one ASIC might generate.

It’s as if the miners are a decentralised version of PayPal. Allowing all transactions to be correctly registered while still earning a small profit from the system’s operation.

Bitcoin miners make money by receiving the block reward as well as the fees. That bitcoin users pay the miners in exchange for the safe. And stable recording of their bitcoin transactions on the blockchain.



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