Is Cryptocurrency Mining Killing PC Gaming?

Is Cryptocurrency Mining Killing PC Gaming?
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For a brief diversion from the brewing, I’d like to discuss cryptocurrency in the light of something that really concerns me: hardware for computers. As I learn more about cryptocurrencies, I’m finding myself reading more about crypto mining and the effects it’s having on the PC industry that how Cryptocurrency Mining Killing Gaming as a whole. Though Steem does not appear to have an effect on this business, there are a number of currencies that are drastically altering the market, and I’d like to know why. I’m a computer gamer myself, and my computer has seen a lot of use. And cryptocurrency is killing PC Gaming I’m running an i7 2600k with a stock Radeon 7970, which was the PC to have in 2012, but five years later, it was time to start thinking about upgrades So I set a goal for myself to update my PC during the Christmas holidays or early in 2018, with a budget of about $1000, but then I realised something terrible had happened:

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Cryptocurrency Is giving harm to Pc Gaming

Whether it’s developers and publishers complaining about piracy that Cryptocurrency is killing PC gaming, or gamers complaining about always-online DRM/Denuvo killing PC gaming, PC gaming has always been labelled as “dead.”

The truth is that none of them has caused as much harm to cryptominers as they have in the past. In the United States and other nations, if you want to buy a non-budget GPU, you’ll have to pay 50 percent to 100 percent more than MSRP to resellers. The market for cryptomining is directly responsible for this.

Cryptomining demand used to be seasonal and restricted to a few GPU models. Basically, any card that is faster than an RX 560 or GTX 1050 Ti is now affected. Furthermore, since new cryptocurrencies emerge all the time when one becomes too difficult to mine. Miners turn to a simpler one. Hence the market for GPU mining isn’t going away any time soon, as it has in the past.


Is Cryptocurrency killing Pc Gaming?

This is very detrimental to PC gaming. Cryptocurrency is killing PC Gaming. People would be much less likely to purchase a PC for gaming. If they can never find a GPU at a fair price. When a mid-range GPU costs more than a whole new gaming setup. Buying a console rather than a PC becomes almost a no-brainer.

I’m not sure what the answer is here. I sincerely hope that Nvidia and AMD figure out a way to prevent minors from using their gaming GPUs. And instead have dedicated miner cards to meet demand. I’m hoping for a practical solution that allows gamers. I suggest purchasing gaming GPUs rather than sending them to massive mining farms.



  1. Free market does not mean anarchy, there should be some integrity, and Nvidia should have limited sales to gamers and graphics artist, what is the point of making graphic GPU when its just going to be used for crypto currency.

    I don't feel sorry for crypto currencies who bought GPUs for crypto currency

  2. 3 Years later and the topic is more up to date than ever

    my PC crashed a month ago and my bachelor degree is coming soon. so i had no choice and bought a 3060 for more than double the price, just so i can work with my CAD programs…
    for the Money i spend on the 3060, i could easily bought an 3080 on the retail price. but yeah, there are none. AND Nvidea is even making an crypto card lineup, while they cannot keep up with their production

  3. i'd say it might be , for the first time in 2 decades i'm considering getting a gaming console (the switch). for 2 reason , 1. nintendo is the only console that i can't get most their games on pc. and 2. because getting a new video card right now is a nightmare.

  4. Meh. In the past centuries you can get a performance graphics card for just 250$.
    In now days we are fightning against scalpers, deep AI learners, bitcoin miners, cloud gaming servers. Are you wish this situations gonna Let the price down? Lol. Gtx 1080Ti is still expensive in 2021.

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