1. Got some interesting results with 6 3060 ti LHR. Have 3 with hynix memory and 3 with Samsung memory. Running ergo i get 130 on all the hynix ones but only 90ish on the Samsung ones.
    You sound swedish btw, if your close by i could loan you 2 cards for testing in your next vid πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Seb…. try test running some HD vids with your LHR cards for ergo….each card has to be plugged into monitor or tv for full hashrate and vids have to be run on each expanded display unfortunately ….I have 2 3060 cards and can run ergo at full hashrate for both cards…hope this helps ??

  3. Please someone correct or confirm this. The information found at reddit mentioned nvidia driver ver. 466 got more stable hasrate mining ERGO (still low tho) but more stable.

  4. Thanks for the video Sebs!! Really great content! It seems that NBMiner is getting better. Results. I just bought a 3070Ti and I’m getting stable 180MH @185W. Cheers from Brazil!

  5. Nice quality video as always. I got rtx 3060 ti LHR no matter what i do it got locked up to 90mh and fluctuate a lot. So disappointed with ERGO + LHR

  6. Hilarious with @tekshinji…I thought we discussed this already and the internet would break with ur two beautiful hair styles in 1 video. If my internet breaks…ill be ticked

  7. Nice to see more nordic YouTubers πŸ™ŒπŸ» – are you swedish? Nice test. It’s good to know how LHR effect crypto mining, before investing in a new gpu.

    Im testing right now how to decrease dB from my Mining chamber/grow tent

  8. great video seb. how about using AMD cards? as far as I know, they are not limited hash rate but they may use a lot of electricity.

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