1. UNI logged a strong reversal in the running week after crashing by 57 percent in just four days of trading earlier this month. UniSwap's governance token was trading about 30 percent higher from its session low at $3.68 Trader came back to raise their bids for the Crypto as its rivals in the decentralized finance space continue to face a market-wide bearish pressure. Breaking this psychological resistance especially with the benchmark Cryptocurrency will be a major catalyst for more upward swing and seeing a new All-Time Higher in first quarter of the new year is not only feasible but totally within grasp. I came to the realization that the best approach to take with cryptocurrency is to trade with an expert like Bryant Miller as I have been following his advice and have made over 10 btc within a period of 9 weeks, starting at just 3 btc just by copying his trades using his signal. It was the best financial decision I'd ever made in my life. He can be reached for advice on Telrgram (brantmillertrade) or WhatsAap (+1 (904) 364-0429) and I strongly believe from experience that the best way to benefit from Crypto is to follow the guidance of an experienced trader with good results.

  2. Passive Income
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    currently the value of 1 Bitcoin is approx. 10856 US dollar.

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