1. Hmmm mate I think that’s cool

    But will you check CVR? They provide high-lvl insurance for every crypto asset. I really feel my funds will be safe hehe. What do you think about them?

  2. Tent is a dead coin, where are you crawling? 1440 blocks per day. vay minus on it and leave !!! the price does not grow in proportion to the expansion of the network, the coin is on the verge of a scam, the volume on the market is made only by the bot that trades. In fact, you will not sell your money, and you will merge at a low price into a minus. CHECK THE INFORMATION BEFORE YOUR COMMERCIALS!

  3. May you do a video on what beginners should do after setting up there rig to maximize there system? I just set up my rig with a nvidia 3080FE and now I’m learning about overlocking and commands, hoping you can oversimplify and composes for a video, heard it can crash or whatever if not done right. And if you don’t my responding with a reply I’m hooked up on etherminer.org mining thru lolminer, what are your thoughts on this?

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