1. Hy! I have a b250 mining expert motherboard and 8 gpu amd radeon ( 580, 4×5700, 3x 6800) I have win 10 operating sys, and when I put the sixt gpu (doesn't matter which one) my win not loading .Can anybody have some idea what should I do?

  2. So I'm a business entrepreneur but one thing I don't understand 1 bit is how a gpu mining machine works do the video cards buy $10 crypto cash then cash out when its doubled ? Then buy $10 more dollar for dollar and cash out again ? Are they withdrawing and depositing currency from bitcoin when they market fluctuates ? Fuck idk explian as u would a dummy

  3. Do all the cards have to be the same to mine in one mining software program? The reason I ask is I have two different AMD cards and only one starts mining. If I unplug the one that's mining then the other starts up. I'm using an Asus B250 Mining Expert motherboard, an AMD RX 580 and an old AMD R9 380x. I'm using Betterhash right now but they do the same thing in Cudo Miner. My computer sees both cards and everything is fine. They both run a benchmark successfully but when I hit "apply" and start mining only one card will run? Any ideas?

  4. Hi, can you help me, I'm trying to set up a rig with the Asus B250 minig expert but I can't get it to recognize more than 1 render and 1 GPU I have 6 risers and I have 6 GPUs ASRok 8Gb 1 GREEN square appears and they appear 5 to RED
    If you can help me I would like to thank you here from Portugal HUG

  5. do you need to plug in the molex to the mother board ? & i have the same mb and it shorted out. i have 8 rx580 cards and 2 HX850i power supplies and a 1600i power supply, i plugged the 2 850 watts in the board and set everything up. but it shorted out. any advice or help please? quick response will be really helpful

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