1. ​ @Tyler McMurray How do you feel about cloud mining, where you don't need to buy or use hardware that eventually becomes not cost-efficient over time?

    And btw, thanks for all you've been doing sharing financial knowledge.

  2. Waltonchain is at a dollar right now so if you're making 19 coins a day you're making 19 dollars a day, that is really big for miners so i have no idea why you are complaining

  3. The one good thing you did is hodl do not sell your coins. WTC is not dead its hovering near the bottom sure but its still alive and the team is still innovating which means there is still a shot this project recovers and does big things. I have a lot more WTC than you but I bought at $.30 low risk high reward because I don't see this project dying and it's probable that at some point they at least test the ATH. When is anyone's guess but when we do you won't be saying it was a bad investment anymore.

  4. well endowed explaining but, every breakouts need its time i can only say that the project is real but the communication is weird, expecting some bomb in 4-5 month for last shot (i mean its actually very good project besides %99 of altcoins)

  5. Cryptocurrency mining reminds me of Cowrie Shell mining [ Wikipedia it]. You mine the worthless stuff and trade it to the nieves for real money if you are smart [ like the big dirty players are doing in this ridiculous market].

  6. Hey Tyler, enjoyed this video! Appreciate you sharing your numbers and lessons learned. I went the GPU mining route and have had success with it, but honestly, it's really easy for people to make a poor investment that route too. I really enjoy it though (I like tinkering), so there is the additional fun factor that's hard to quantify. Great video!

  7. Besides gpu mining where I’m looking at a future value sell point (mining 4$ a day but looking to sell when btc hits 100k would be worth 15$ a day) I’m looking at staking tokens for passive income. I got into GRT back when it was .30$ and it spiked to over 2.5$ and will continue to hold for a few years, it generates about 13-14% apy so far and just hit the mainnet a few months ago.

    Great videos btw been binging

  8. I think you think too much about investments and think you can find a way to make huge gains relative to the market. I have the same problem. I wish I could just say “5 or 10% a year is good enough, I don’t need 15% a year”

  9. In 2017 I started mining ETH. Same thing like you I put all my eggs in one basket. I guess I was simply more lucky then you were. You are young, and most important is you have an interest to invest. Don't be discouraged and I am sure one day you will do very well. Only thing I would do different in your strategy is reinvest 50% in BTC and 50% in ETH. Als if you start earning income with your channel, I would do the same. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I found this story fascinating. What could be more perfect for your generation than mining cryptocurrency in your living room? Even if you end up taking a loss it's still something that you will be proud that you did later in life. Also you may have inspired me to consider purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum after resisting for this long.

  11. Oh boy! I have no idea why do people consider Bitcoin as an investment. While blockchain as tech is good, Bitcoin in the current form is just dumb. What is the right value that anyone would pay for a Bitcoin? $1, $1k, $1M, $1T? All the Bitcoin investors bet on a random event to make their investment worth more with no definition of how. Gambling sigh

  12. I have a bit of a hard time getting my head around the whole crypto environment. Taking a step back, if someone wanted to design the ideal digital currency, would they create it such that it required large amounts of computing power (and electricity) to produce the currency? To me it seems like a badly thought out process. I'm sure I will get plenty of dislikes on this thought, but I am confident that people will look back on this in a hundred years and say "what a wacky idea". Just my opinion.

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