1. Yeah, nice clean airflow. 👍🏼
    your cards though don’t seem to be dusty at all. Except if its all stuck directly behind the fans. 🤘🏼

  2. dude!! huge fan here. I dont think it was a good idea to hose them right next to the openings. water could have splashed and shorted your mother board or gpu……….

  3. Hey, do you ever get concerned about water and moisture coming in through those vents? It looks like it's not going to stop a windy rain storm from sending a ton of water in. Just a thought!

  4. If it makes you feel better I couldn't get that last bit of dust off the screens with the bristle brush on the vacuum, had to clean them with water but they came out spotless. Thanks for sharing and thats also really cool you got the rebtech connected to a shelly 🙂

  5. The filter drier is ideal if you still have an amp to run the compressor lol. I use reusable filters and swap them out. throw one in the dryer. iI noticed you were fluctuating being 6 & 7 amps on that breakout board… Whats the max it can handle @ 220?

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