1. went from nicehash to hive os , now nicehash os…i did like hive os overclocking and all the profiles they had there but could not connect to there free pools. tried it for a day with a paying pool. nicehash os working good but as of 4-21 update overclocks not working.. thanks for your videos made it really easy..

  2. I found after I make a few adjustments nicehash benchmarks and puts everything I tweaked back to default…
    Can someone tell me why it's doing this any help is appreciated thank you

  3. Im setting some OC value but they seems not to work but differently from other my settings remain the same doesn’t get remove or default. Is someone experiencing the same ? How to resolve ?

  4. Yes, great video. Why are you setting the "false" command? Are you disabling it? The problem I'm having is that my config file keeps being overwritten. All the overclocks keep being reset to default and the algorithm keeps being set to 20. I'm not sure what to do.

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