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The mining industry can be difficult to get but it is very responsible when you get there. Here are some basic facts to keep in mind when starting a job.

Get your new job at mining

Brunel has partnered with some of the world’s leading miners to hire and transport people to some of the world’s largest mines, including underground and open mines throughout Australia, India, the USA, and Canada. This includes permanent, temporary, and contract work in the mines, and depending on the role may include camp provision and accommodation, or fly-in fly-out (FIFO) arrangements.

Get guidance in every step

From potential job opportunities, re-start and interview training, salary negotiations, and boarding, we are always with you.


✔ Work with senior industry leaders

we work with some of the best-known clients around the world.

✔ Find roles that fit your specific skills and desires

Talk to Brunel about your career aspirations and how we can link you to some of the top mining and mining projects in the world. Whether you are new to the mining industry or have decades of experience behind you, Brunel is a top international mining consulting firm.

Get the international network you need

we have contacts with international industries, supported by a team of hiring experts to help you direct your work in the mining industry.

The needs of my place

Each region differs slightly from the minimum rental requirements for the mining site. Generally, the following are a few common requirements. Note that this does not guarantee that you will be successful in getting a mining site lease.

Physical suitability in the target role (as determined by the pre-appointment physician)

• Mining industry General Introduction and/or mining-specific import

Steps first

The real key to getting a job in the mines is perseverance.
• Sign up for Work Pac (you can do this before you get your proper medication and advice once you are done).
• Keep an eye on our website and mining companies’ websites for high-quality entry and application applications.
Network. Sometimes you do not know but you do know.
Stay connected – let us know about your availability and qualifications.
Continue to develop your skills and qualifications in supportive industries such as construction projects and infrastructure.

How long will it take me to get a job in the days?

That depends entirely on you? How badly do you want the job and how much are you willing to do to get a job? There is no set time but the reward comes to those who persevere.

What is your way of life if you work in the mining industry?

The mining industry offers different livelihood opportunities depending on the role and location. Residential activities will require you to live near the mine in a regional or mining area.
Accommodation and transportation to the site are not always included with Access Level posts, so you may need to arrange your own.
Some roles are provided by bus, exit by bus. Buses will usually travel from the nearest city center to and from the mine site. Such roles will usually provide accommodation and food in a camp near the mine.
• For more experienced workers, certain mining sites may have the option of Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) activity. This is very common in WA due to the remote location of many mining sites. A few inter-mining mining sites also offer these positions though.
• Shift rosters vary between sites, however, they will operate on a “parallel” cycle on the basis of four days of rest / four days of rest or seven / seven days of rest. Some sites also have list cycles that require people to be away for 2-3wks before returning home on vacation.

The shifts will rotate throughout the system cycle between day and night shifts. Each shift is approximately 12 – 13 hours long, including rest/eating or “bed rest”.


It depends. Most minor incidents do not bother, but there is no tolerance for violence or drugs.

I am over 50 years old and I have no experience, is that a problem?

Not at all. While waiting for your meeting of all medical needs, mining companies are looking for good, honest people who are punctual, responsible, and ready to work.

Are there works for women in the days?

Yes. We have put many women in the mines. Our clients are employers with equal opportunities.

You still have many questions
we can start you on the road to rewarding work in the mines.


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