1. I got my miners at IMINERS,CO. I can say they are great company. You can talk with them about everything and you can get a discount for more pieces. Shipping is great fast and free. My recommedantion for them.

  2. Bro indha hardware level ah vachu naan overclock panna problem illaela bro! Also assure ah bro indha lvl hardwares ah vachu atleast monthy 2000 aavadhu varuma bro? In case naan 2 GPU use panna profit ah bro also, whether that motherboard will withstand aaguma bro! Main matter can i overclock bro?

  3. 1.5lak spend pana 30-60rs daily income varum pola
    Per day 50*30days= 1500
    Nxt elam graphics card add pandrathulatha eruku pola…
    Elam channel um initial stage podraga athuku aprm videos varamatikuthu…. 50%machine adivagirugala 50%market up down

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