1. PI Network: Denver1157

    Bee Network: denver1157

    Eagle Network: denver1157

    Timestop: denver1157

    Firefly: denver1157

    Alpha Network: denver1157

    Sperax Play: tziro2

    Midoin: denver1157

    Ant network: denver1157

    One Network: denver1157

    M2 network; denver1157

    Thank you for using it🙏🙏

  2. in my experience, when you're waiting on something solely based on faith and loyalty; its best not to overcommit. The system/model of logging on and earning an incentive is similar to some MMORPG private servers i've encountered. 

    Theres a fictional show on HBO (Silicon Valley) that takes us through the lives of some geeky internet guys that venture to build a groundbreaking compression engine, crypto, blockchain, AI, and ultimately a new internet, its a fun venture if you have the time, it might give you some perspective albeit some of its content may be exaggerated, the fundamentals are sound.

  3. 👆 👆 👆
    Pi is a project that benefits ordinary people. Judging from the number of users, it has been successful, and the rest is only a matter of time.
    Regardless raining, snowing, flooding ,even earthquake
    i will always be there. 🙂 Don't worry.

  4. ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

    Whether it rains, snows, floods, or even earthquakes, I will always be online.

    My income generating team helps you increase mining speed.

    p.s Now, there are 1173 people in my income generating team.

  5. Mining will not stop even for 1 second.

    I will do my best every day to increase the speed of mining.

    My team has more than 1013 people, join me to help you.

    Mining has never stopped for 2 years.

  6. Pi network:babykiu


    Hi Dollars: babykiu

    Eagle Mine: babykiu

    Midoin : babykiu



    Antnetwork : babykiu


  7. I feel like they're missing the biggest bull run in crypto history. Why don't they just launch? Trying to get 100mil active users is just stupid. They will never reach that amount. Shouldn't be about that.

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