1. <>During the initial sell-off on May 19, a single candlewick on Tron dropped as low as $0.050- a level last seen in March. Even though TRX rose by over 20% during the rapid buy period on May 22, failing to break above $0.0926 and 20-SMA resulted in another wave of selling pressure. The second wave was quite relentless, leading to a 30% retracement to TRX’s price of $0.064. Some sideways movement can be expected at $0.0622 support and a reversal could allow for gains till the 20-SMA. If the selling pressure is not extinguished, losses could be seen all the way towards $0.050. An ADX reading of over 60 indicated distressing market conditions. Conversely, RSI moved in the oversold region and a jump above this zone was a possibility. This would enable TRX to thin out some of its losses. As a crypto currency investor i bet you need to learn and understand when to trade or not so as not to lose your money because i have been there before and in that light there's one man I know very well Burwell Coleman that changed my life in crypto currency business. I trust him, with his accurate trade signals which I mirror copy and I have been able to grow my portfolio to a level i never imagined or i could have gotten all by myself. His an expert tr@der and f!nance journalist, you can find his courses on tradlng on the internet for free and they come in handy too while you can reach Michael on l.G @Hackservicetech1) for a better understanding of how to use his strategy.πŸ’―

  2. Wish I had that insight on eth around the same time when you did, cheaper cards back then.

    Got a 1080ti for a friend for 300 soon after the 3000 series was just being talked about releasing.

  3. What do you think about Kryptex? I've been using that lately but it seems you only get paid in either Bitcoins or USD (among other currencies), even though I'm mining Ethereum

  4. I recently built a new PC and my old gaming pc is otherwise being unused. If my power consumption calculations are correct (lolminer and gpu-z both show power consumption at about 115w), I'd be making about $48 per month after accounting for power used, energy cost, pool fees and added 0.5% for transfer fees. I was getting 15mh/s but used precision xoc to boost the card up to 20mh/s. My old gaming pc was built in 2012 with an upgraded gpu (1060 6gb) in 2018. This is also based on current ETH values of about 2.9k. $48 isn't a lot, but its more than just collecting dust πŸ™‚

  5. Imagine to pay between 0.32€ per kWh and 0.36€ (2019, Normal mix with coal, imported N-Gas and nuclear power as well as renewables and hydropower. In the 16 states the prices ranged so much, now its ofc even more, the cheapest was 0.3148€ or so for example, I don't know the exact price because I live in a living project paid by the goverment and I pay 36€ "flatrate" since Summer 2016, before it had been 33€ afair. 0.32€ – 0.36€ = 0.39 – 0.44 US-Cent per kWh, US average 2019 was ~0.12$, with a lot states around 0.10$ only per kWh and California, Alaska and Hawaii + West-Coast Oregon/Washington was much higher than the rest, I guess a price ~3.5x so high for energy changes a lot?! Makes Platinum/Titanium PSUs really worth it!

    1,372 US-$ for power sounds already a lot… over 8 times as much kWh and it would be okay with ~0.12$ and in theory 100% efficiency? However you have the correct power PC's and accumulators need/want, same rechargable batteries…10,500 kWh or ~10.5 Megawatt-Hours (MWh) all numbers here since "1,372…" are calculated poorly in my head which had no sleep for over 85 hours already now…. so keep the mistakes you find πŸ˜‰

  6. hi would like to ask when u play games do u shut it down your mining process? does it affect on your Estimated earnings? as i used my pc for work purpose and when i shut it down after 14 hours or 15 hours mining work then why my estimated earnings going down as my mining avg going down so. please help me , should i do this or not ?

  7. Can I game during the day and mine during when im asleep? is this dangerous? are there any risks doing this? ive been looking on search engines, nothing really explains anything.

  8. Going to get into it soon- any recommendations on a computer ( buying new) it seems there are 50 to choose from and the reviews dont help because half say thats crap the other say best one ever- very frustrating when you are willing to spend a few grand but dont want to buy the one that once out of the box oh sorry that model only mines pretend coins in Zimbabwe

  9. Per today's GPU prices, if you're lucky enough to get a cheap GPU card, it will cost you about $600. That will require 19 months of your current monthly profit, so it is not a good deal. If your GPU dies before you save enough money to upgrade your GPU then you will not see any return of investment (ROI) until various years, and that is assuming energy and internet costs stays the same and that your whole PC don't need upgrades or repairs associated to mining.

  10. Honestly not going to read through all the comments here.. FYI there is a pill that can be ran that will considerably increase your hash rate with any 1080 or 1080ti. πŸ™‚

  11. You should optimise your settings, you don't have to run your GPU @ 100% power, you can drop it (and drop consumption) and overclock the vRam and get better hashrate. A 1080Ti can get you around 45mh/s

  12. Exactly. Like "oh X amount a month is that all" nooo, it's X amount of ETH that will only grow in value.

    I'm doing the same with my gaming PC, just leave it mining overnight. Definitely worth it for the long term

  13. Do I need to have WiFi on during mining ? And how many cards so you have ? I'm planning to buy a gaming pc with 4-6 GPUs….
    And what more profitable minims eth or BTC ?

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