1. Staking pools do for Proof of Stake what Mining Pools do for miners, there’s strength in numbers and greater rewards. Stake United is a good place to stake POS coins: From what I have seen after staking five different coins, Staking United has an easy interface and fast deposits and withdrawals. Stake United has a large number of members and coins, so they have daily ROI, which can be up to 20% daily! Plus they provide compounding interest – which means you get your ROI % based not only on your initial stake, but also on stake rewards received. They also do shared masternodes so you can start building a masternode faster by getting those great masternode rewards while building towards the number of coins you need for a solo masternode. Check them out at https://stakeunited.com/Mufasa2.

  2. Hello.. first of all wanna say your video's are good to understand.. just starting with own mining rig. But in your video.. 23 days is 72 dollar profit total? By all coins? How can that be more profit then gpu mining ? And.. can you do both same time ? Gpu mining and like this

  3. Nice video ! i need few suggestion Should i install my wallet on drive C where windows is installed or D: drive . Other Do i need to backup daily so if hard disk crash i might can backup . How to keep my staking safe please make video about it. thanks. how to safely setup wallet in the computer and what step should take for not loose coin due to damage or any other incident thanks.

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