1. hi, i have the asus tuf gaming first version (overheating version), its running around 50 degree right now and juntion temp is around 90 (unstead of 110 degree yesterday before lower the power and speed up the fans at 100% (they claim its normal to get that high)…but i prefer it around 90 than 110), anyway, is it safe to run it 24/7 at those temp or i'm dumb and doesn't make sense or whatever? Thanks!

  2. Is there anywhere they shows the basics of setting wildrig up? currently new to all this and only been playing with Cudo and Nicehash. Kinda lost with these files in the folder

  3. Epic!! Feels like we’ve been waiting forever to mine on our 5700 cards lol! Got mine pointed at Vertcoin and Bytecoin atm. Can’t wait to see what these cards do on optimized miners and drivers. ✌️

  4. I wish you would use Legacy Nice Hash Miner for your mining so we can get a BTC equiv rate.. since obscure mining is not preferred for coins that are not mainstream on major exchanges like Coinbase!

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