1. I can’t keep my computer on 24 hours or 7 days of a week (24/7).i can keep it on for example for 6 hours every day.does wallet generate Reddcoin with that time??or it needs more time?

  2. i dont know how to buy reddcoin and have 0 of it i wanna get hold of some reddcoin so are u willing to trade me reddcoin for other crypto like bitcoin or etherium?

  3. when you say just have your wallet open …. exactly what does it mean … do you have to have your computer running all the time ? . . . . and your 40 bucks turned into 15 k plus . . or you kept buying more and more and how long it took you to reach 15k plus ? redd coin ? and I just subscribed to your channel … Thank You

  4. Once it realizes it's actual product ,called REDD ID, IN Q1 2018, the coin will go to 10 cents or so so keep holding!

    that would surpass your Robinhood Portfolio lol

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