1. My house has a couple work benches and a wood shop all with their own 20 amp circuits. I’m at about 1gh. I can write off all those purchases in my taxes?

  2. I don't see how this is helpful if you are looking at Best Buy Sold Out stock and then just making up numbers for what you can get cards for? If you want to give advice maybe use StockRader or eBay, Amazon and find real world prices on GPU's??

  3. I think an important note about reinvesting in the 30xx series cards with mining profits, is the fact that a lot of the new ones are coming out LHR/nerfed for mining if you can even get them at retail prices, so you have to be careful what you are buying.

  4. I started mining bc of yours and Bits b trippin channel I have 2 gpus on the hunt for more I have some other stuff for builds on backstock finding it at a good price is putting it up can’t wait and look forward to the future keep up the good work bro we’re here to support you!💯👍

  5. I don't understand the electrical side of things. Say I have 24 3080s and plug 8 each into a 2400W PSU. I can't simply plug the power of all 3 PSUs into a single power strip and plug that to a single outlet at home?

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