1. Hi. I have a question can i mine eth directly to my coinbase eth address? Or I have to go through hot wallet (coinomi) then transfer to coinbase to cash out? Thanks.

  2. Soo if you are mining ETH you are getting your daily revenue + ETH rewards which you can covert through wallet to make double profits??
    Please clear this

  3. Thanks for this great video. I have a few assumptions and I want to run it by you to see if my assumptions are right. I am a merchant who plans to accept CryptoCurrency for my products. Assumption 1 – If I need fiat currency right away, then I use exchanges like Coinbase. I pay a high commission of this conversion. Assumption 2 – I don't want to Pay a high commission or 0 commission than I do peer to peer … Question: When to use Visa card or Pay pal … Anytips or guidance will be very helpful;

  4. Hello
    are you well?
    I had a question
    I have a gaming system and I am mining with the nbminer program and I do not know much about it.
    When I mine, how many jobs do I have to wait for my graphics card to process
    How should I harvest when I mine?
    I entered the address of my wallet in the bat file. How can I find out how much of that cryptocurrency I have and how can I withdraw it?
    thanks a lot
    I do not know anyone who can help me with mine.
    thank you

  5. @Mining Chamber im new to this mining and can i ask you that im from macedonia and i cant sell etherium to anyone my country is very cheap and unpopular please help me

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  7. I actually stay with the risks and returns that mining generates, at this moment unemployed, I'm mining with my gtx1070, but it will take a long time. If anyone wants to help me I would be very grateful.

    PS: I really need to buy the food of the week.

  8. Hey I have been mining for a few weeks and just got my fist payout but it is still in ethermine and not in my wallet, how can I transfer to my wallet

  9. Hey i have a question for you is it worth to buy a gpu that cost very expensive and after 1 Year exactly it will be Pay back the money that i spend for the gpu after mining 24/7 ? Is it worth it ? 🙂

  10. I personally would like to see the process of a mining block being broke down, followed by a transfer to an external wallet like exodus. I am still questionable on these parts of the puzzle. It always seems simple until you have everything in front of you and then it's not!
    Though the market on gpu's are terrible and insanely hard to find for a decent deal. I have been considering building a 5700 XT mining rig with 4-6 gpu's. If you have a rig you'd be willing to part with or know of someone willing to help with the search I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance I'll be watching 👀

  11. it is a good idea to mine a few months ETH, then leave it in the wallet for 3-4 years in the hope it goes way up like bitcoin???

    greetings from germany

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