1. I built my rig with only one 8 gb gpu and feel like selling it for 4k just cause i want to abuse of the people who dont know how to build one πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ€‘

  2. Of course, not. Those things usually sell for twice the price of the components. The minimum I've seen someone selling a mining rig was about 1.6 the cost of the components, which is insane.

  3. Great video, thanks. Built 2 rigs about a month ago. The first is a 8 x 3080 rig with 1200 and 2400 watt power supplies with the ZSX breakout board from Parallel miner, Asus B250 mining mobo and a Veddha mining frame. The second is a 8 x 1080 TI rig with a 2400 watt Parallel Miner power supply with a ZSX breakout board, Zotac B150 mobo and a Veddha mining frame. Watched a lot of videos and the builds went off without a hitch. My suggestion, build a rig!

  4. I've worked with laptops but not desktops. I don't know much about the compatibility with the motherboard and power supply. Would love someone to tell what I need to build a mining rig. The new mining gpus will come out which I would use.

  5. Thanks for sharing info for rookies like me. I am trying to add another gpu to my computer. This helps with just doing with what you have or the affordable methods without paying too much.

  6. If you have this much money to invest I would suggest investing it into crypto and not a rig. The new gpu market has had an effect on the second hand market making 4 year old card prices sky rocket. It’s freaking crazy I bought my 1080ti used last year in the beginning of 2020 for around 450 now they are going for well over 500 dollar easy and upwards of 850

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