Should you buy GPUs used for Cryptocurrency mining?

Should you buy GPUs used for Cryptocurrency mining?

We discuss about Cryptocurrency mining through GPU. On secondary markets like eBay and Craigslist, high-end cards are already beginning to revert to their usual values. But is it safe to buy these cards after they’ve been sitting in a crypto-miner for months, if not years?

The response is, in general, “yes.” Although there are some risks associated with purchasing used graphics cards from Bitcoin miners. They aren’t significantly higher than the risks associated with purchasing used parts in the first place. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

A GPU Is Not a Car


It’s tempting to believe that electronic components have a shelf life and that keeping them without replacement after a certain amount of use is risky. But this isn’t entirely true—as long as they don’t have moving parts and aren’t subjected to harsh conditions outside of their operating parameters, old electronics will last for decades. It’s true that computer components inevitably fail. Hard drives are an obvious example here—if you don’t intend for your drive to fail, you’ll be caught off guard at some point. Graphics cards, on the other hand, are a little different.

Although they do fail from time to time, it’s more likely that they’ll fail shortly after installation due to a flaw in the extremely complex chip fabrication process than from wear and tear.

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Miners aren’t as harsh on their equipment as you may believe.

True, the aim of a cryptocurrency mining rig is to constantly crunch numbers, day in and day out, in the elusive pursuit of sweet, sweet hash. If that sentence doesn’t make sense to you, I’ll save you some time and tell you this: Bitcoin miners use math to convert energy into digital currency, and they use graphics cards to do so. However, the simplistic description is sufficient to make a significant point.

Mining for cryptocurrency is unquestionably about computing capacity, which is why GPUs’ distributed chip designs are superior to CPUs for the majority of mining methods. It’s also about efficiency: if a miner consumes so much energy that it consumes electricity bills faster than it solves hashes and generates coins, the owner loses money. Mining has evolved into a balancing act between selecting the most lucrative cryptocurrency, getting the most computing power available, and maximising that power without consuming more energy than a Wal-Mart freezer aisle.


Any fans will need to be replaced.

On a modern graphics card, there is only one moving part: the cooling fan. And, since mining rig fans run at a constant speed almost all of the time. It’s likely that the electrical motors or bearings in those fans are significantly weaker. And more susceptible to failure in a mining card than in a more traditional secondhand card. If the fans on your used card fail, they’re simple to replace—if you’ve ever mounted a CPU cooler. You should be able to do so without difficulty. You may also use the opportunity to switch to a liquid cooling system. Or buy a defective version of the same card and use the factory cooler. In reality, graphics cards from dusty environments—or simply from previous owners. Who didn’t clean their PC cases often enough—are likely to suffer from fan failure. Just as much as former mining cards.

Buying used comes with its own set of risks, so proceed with caution.

So, at least in terms of used hardware, we’ve established that used graphics cards. From mining rigs aren’t particularly bad choices. However, they are still using hardware. Buying used is a fantastic way to save money (and something you can do more of! ). But it also comes with its own set of risks. When buying used, you usually want something to guarantee your purchase. eBay/PayPal, with its built-in customer security. This is a good example. And Amazon is generally a good place to purchase used products. As sellers don’t want to risk their accounts being jeopardised by repetitive complaints from disgruntled customers.

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    If it requires more psu?
    Does it fps loss?
    Will it die?And my all money get wasted😱
    So basically question was will it die or something else

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