1. I am back from my well planned YouTube Brake (told you in a video 26 Oct last year)
    But would like to remind my awesome Patrons, that there has been weekly videos in the brake,, so you can get a idea of what is comming, the next weeks here on my channel.
    Just because I stopped posting videos,, I kept recording them 🙂

  2. Hej Morten,
    tak for inspirationen !
    og det tricket med at købe en 12v PSU.

    Jeg er gået i gang med at lede efter de ting der skal bruges og har fundet et ASUS P5Q-EM motherboard,
    som jeg håber kan bruges til projektet.

    Kan umiddelbart kun finde en 300W 12v PSU på amazon og tænker om det er overkill, hvis kortet kun bruger i omegnen af 72W idle ?


    Så vil spørge om en 120W vil kunne klare jobbet og derforuden, hvor jeg kan finde det kabel du bruger fra batteriet til PSU'en ?

  3. if I may ask, in one of your older videos you showed that you use to use red colored old solar panels(my dad bought some about 10-15yrs ago that never got used; box say 15w but was getting about 7w in a quick test), do you recall what was the rating of the ones you had and what the efficiency was like? was there a major improvement switching to the blue colored panels? prices of the newer style panels locally are 100w poly @ $89CDN for $119CDN mono off amazon which is borderline between cheap and expensive:P…… I bought a Renogy PG 40A MPPT controller…. reason to play with this now is that I have stumbled upon a potential "infinite" supply of free lead acid batteries of various sizes(alarms/ups/etc) thank you

  4. Part of tinkering is just seeing what you can do with what you have. The idea of a solar powered PC would be pretty sweet. Though a crypto mining rig would need way way way more panels I think 😉

  5. you can put a nvidia gsx 750 ti, 1050ti, maybe also the gtx 1660, and rx 550, 460, 560, maybe also rx 470/570, and put it a but lower.
    also use a usb stack 8gb, linux, and one stick memory, works also with 2gb (mmpOS), not even a screen, or mouse or keyboard

  6. 54watts in idle is realy bad already so when u mine crypto the consumption goes up to over 100 or 150watts im guessing … while the old gpu or cpu is realy slow at mining even cents of cryptocurrency

  7. Where else besides My PlayHouse would you see a wooden pallet test bench? Linus gots nothin on you, Morten! Love your vlogs; smart common-sense yet entertaining! Nice to see you back.

  8. USB cables with 2 type A connectors instead of one type A and one type B or mini B or C (or 2 type C on both ends and no A) must be the rarest kind of USB cables, because I've actually never seen one before.

  9. You can't grount anything to a wooden *TABLE*! It's a table, not a floor! Therefore, it's not the GROUND, so no grounding there. The word says it all! Try grounding it to your wooden floor (or marble may make for a specially shiny ground), it will work.

  10. I have a few concerns about things, first you need a step up and down converter to power the graphics card I would suggest one using an LTC3780 chip, you could use a large step down converter if you were using a 24v battery setup. second is that I hope you know that graphics card is passively cooled? it has no fans and relies on the airflow inside a server chassis in order to cool it properly. I would suggest looking at the setup that a fellow youruber did HBPowerWall he setup a crypto currency miner to run on his solar battery. he has a 48v systen and he used a really big step down converter to 12v then he had a small voltage regulator going to the mainboard. I'll try not to nitpick too much, I hope it works out for you and nothing goes pop!

  11. Couldn't you hook that to a big 12v battery to run your PC and then have a charger on the mains charging the 12 v battery. Then you'd have an online UPS without having to convert back and forth to 230AC. Why am I wrong?

  12. Welcome back Morten, hope you had a great time in Canada. I also have a D.C power supply off my solar system for my old windows 97 computer. It works very well. You are looking relaxed as usual Morten must be the Danish countryside. Hahahaha

  13. Hej med dig håber det er ok jeg skriver på dansk til dig jeg er lidt ordblind men jeg håber du forstår hvad jeg skriver fedt bort du har fået fat på til at køre 12 V det er lige noget man kan bruge bilen hvis man har lyst til at lave pc’en til bilen feder video du laver har følge dig linge knus mig

  14. it is possible to run a good computer power supply on 40VAC, Only reason I know is because I was daft enough to do it to prove a point to somebody that it was possible, and I ended up using a variable AC station so could do it 'safely'.

  15. Welcome back Morten, glad to see you again. In the meantime I also subscribed to Victor Bart's channel, so I can see the new stuff with you and them again when you give them to him 😂

  16. ** if you haven't look into 771 modding that board(if it's actually goona be used), lot of the old xeons were a decent amount lower TDP:P…. most those gigabit boards support(all of mine did), just have to update the microcode and flash it ** for true power efficiency on a mitx look into atom D2700(10w tdp; or whatever is the latest of that catagory of atom) if you don't care about speed, or AMD Apu's(e1-2100 , C-60….both 9w tdp); the amd's tend to be better in my opinion……. the quadro I think uses 20-25, equivalent of a geforce 430/630(HD5450 is my go to for low power or rage II:P… **the quadros support pass through long as get the vm to lie to the nvidia drivers)…… if you want to go a full sized board there's 2650e(ddr2/am2 15w tdp), Athlon II 160u(ddr3/am3 20w tdp)

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