1. Man if i would have just mined Bitcoin back in 2010 when my nerdy friend was talking about it around the backyard fire with beers. I thought it was just something for gamers to buy weapons for games or some shit back then lol.

  2. i own both asic and gpu rig, all my asic are door stopper now, asic is hot and very loud. one of my asic miner got 1 card faulty after 3 months mining so a 33% drop hashrate drop. gpu rig mining for coffee money now. Trading is best option right now.

  3. I'm about to build my first rig, been researching since early May when the ROI on most was ~250 days, but after the recent dip most are sitting around 450 days.

    However, some cards have just gone to about 260 days ROI so I don't see any reason not to start now.

    Prove me wrong.

  4. a hundred percent agree with you bro everybody Biggs up Genesis mining I still haven't got paid on $100 contract it's like jokes so the second week when I got my paycheck I just took my money and bought a miner simple as that

  5. Personally increasing my GPU rig count mining flat out and Hodling in the extremly bullish belief that the institutional money and mass adoption will come to this space within the next few years. Only issue for me is standing costs of kit + electricity for now. I completely realize that I'm possibly being stupid with a blinkered approach but I can't no matter how I look at it see crypto falling on its arse. Given that much belief (after countless hours of research I might add) what do you do with the information learned. Be a man and act on the chance of a lifetime or be a wimp and hedge your bets? No-one ever made serious money without taking risks………

  6. Make sure to check your ports on your router using smos and your passwords botnets crawling all over the place. I believe it's going to look bleek for gpu mining next couple months. However, that being said rendering could be a potentially lucrative business in the near future. This coming from the OG himself bits be trippin and others like cliff on crypto. Keep up the great content and please please never shill out!

  7. Good call on HiveOS, I ha e 3 rigs running it now and while I am still figuring out some of it the lack of dealing with Windows is great as well as easy ability to mix and match cards in rigs.

  8. Thanks for doing all the deep thinking. Great coverage I have food for thought now.
    I like your plan when you have 100-200k in the crypto bank. I look forward to the Kev community when we are all in that situation and come up with those solutions.

    I also look forward to the OS reviews.

  9. If I wasn't already in the mining game and was looking to get into crypto right now, I'd just invest in a bunch of coins. The market is pretty low right now (it has been for some time) and you'd get a fair bit for your FIAT. GPU mining returns right now are so low, they're getting close to a level which is making it barely worth doing. Obviously, if the market goes shooting up again, that could change but even then, it depends on how many coins are on GPU-only algorithms and how determined the developers are to keep a step ahead of Bitmain and the other ASIC manufacturers.

  10. Great video and good thoughts! I'm also holding my coins/GPUs during this bear market. Have also bought an Antminer Z9 Mini. But I don't know if it ever will break even. The profit has dropped quite a bit in just two weeks.. Stay away from the ASICs I say. I also stopped buying more new GPUs in january. Bought some used RX 560 and R9 380's to good prices, ROI in about 4-5 months with these. Cheers!

  11. Kev, at around 10:26 my universal translator indicated it couldn't keep up with translating what you're speaking to U.S. English, so I didn't get the rest of your message, but from what I did get, you're suggesting without actually suggesting 😉 new miners spend their money on ASIC's for the best possibility to be profitable in the future. Current GPU miners really need to look at their profitability and gauge whether their GPU rigs are still making a profit and how that compares to yesterday and if they are able to afford to switch out their rigs for Antminers.

    I'm actually contemplating if I should use the coupons, purchase 4 z9 Minis, hope they will still make $100 a day by the time I get them, and hang onto but shut down my 8 GPU rigs, and hope for enough clarity within a few months if I should sell the GPU's to fund more ASIC's. Honestly there's really no way to truly know, it's a total gamble, but my gut tells me ETH is about to go the way of ZEC and then I'll be left holding a bag of worthless 1070's.

    Thanks for your videos 🙂

  12. My situation is essentially the following:

    Rig 1:
    Titan X (Already owned, use for gaming)
    Gtx 980 (Already Owned, lying around)
    3 x 1060 3gb (Bought for mining)

    Rig 2:
    1080ti (Bought for mining)
    4 x 1060 6gb (Bought for mining)

    I'm excluding the cards I already owned from my ROI calculations, but I'm using them to help pay off the new equipment I bought exclusively for mining. Considering this my RIG 1 has ROI'd already, while my rig 2 is around 12% ROI. (I built it last month) So I figure it should take around 10 months at current low rates to pay off the second system and break even.

    But yeah, I mean I have 3 slots left in my mining rigs, so I think I will try to fill these up if I can get cards for a good price (10-20% less than MSRP new), and then beyond that rather than building a 3rd rig I think I will try to get a batch 1 ASIC miner, probably the new Bitmain s11 (rumored) whenever that comes out. Since it just dosen't make sense to build a full new rig right now.

  13. Currently mining with 1080ti, 1080,1070ti , 1060 and r9 390 I know that last one is power hungry and I'm mining ravencoin thinking of buying 2 more 1070ti and replace that 390 but I don't know for sure, I don't pay for power at my flat that's my landlords problem 😁

  14. You will go back to Awesome Miner, believe me. What problem are you having with it exactly?

    BTW, Awesome Miner will have a Linux remote option eventually, they are working on it.

  15. I think ASIC mining is the mid-term future. Many coins considering being ASIC mined because GPU miners are not reliable enough to put the transactions trough in this volatile market. its like you said it just doesn't make much sense to GPU mine at a loss. Just look at the Electroneum disaster coin as an example. It all comes at the price of being more centralized. Long term so when 5G is everywhere I think GPU or even CPU mining is the future. In the mean time ASIC has to fill the spot for a few years until crypto and the tech is mainstream.

  16. Smos has kept my rigs cool even during the extremely hot days. Windows has nothing on it. Only downside is it favors NVidia cards over AMD. Trust you will be a much happier miner

  17. Im just keeping my 360 M/h GPU rigs and mine in the red. I believe enough in crypto Kev, 60% ROI as of now. I im not buying any more GPUs at all. The only crypyo im buying will be dollar cost averaging maybe small amount a week into great projects.

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