1. hey man, im a poor mofo and im just learning about this stuff, if i manage to gather like 2500-3000 euros and start mining with some weaker gpus like 6 of em , how fast can i return my invesment and is it worth it to start doing this now or am i late? please reply

  2. Need help or idea i have 2 3060ti on my gaming pc same model different pcie cables but the 2 cards have different hashrate one is 55hash one is 62hash any idea thanks

  3. There's people posting they are demanding patents be removed, so more people can meet the demand. They did post the info from there congress person. This situation is going to swing to one side for sure. However I don't know where its gonna land, I just know that the future is very uncertain. There is genuine anger being directed to the political class over this issue.

    Myself I don't mine, and although I know a whole lot about it due to being a PC builder, and freelance code writer. I personally only build PC's every 8 – 10 for myself, and the video card market is the worse I've ever seen it over the last 4 years. Something has to give at this point, and I suspect that's the reason for RTX 2060 and 1050 relaunches. Their buying time, to relieve the pressure built up. Lets all just hope this get rectified.

  4. Thank you for the info! I feel a lot less lost and have a better head on what to do next. Liked/sub & will definitely ✔-out Bits be trippin for sure!
    I made it to the end mah-dood 🤙

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