1. I know I'll sound like an idiot, but I have to ask this. Is it ok to browser on the internet watch sum youtube vids play sum browser videogames ect? Not familiar at all with mining. The video was amazing, but the answer to my question was mentioned in it please lmk when it was. Have a beautiful day y'all!!

  2. I just want to say, your videos have been super helpful!! you actually go into detail about stuff that people need to understand and teach it and explain it. Best person i've found so far!!

  3. I copied ur overclock settings. Then I opened Kryptex and my hole computer started to freak out like my screen started to change colors very Quick. Any idea why?

  4. CUDA version: 11.0, CUDA runtime: 8.0
    No OpenCL platforms found
    Available GPUs for mining:
    GPU1: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (pcie 1), CUDA cap. 6.1, 6 GB VRAM, 10 CUs

    Press any key to continue . . .
    Please Help

  5. Do we need to pay the softwares? If yes then how much? Do they cut from our profit or we have to pay manually? Are there free mining softwares available.?

  6. would you prefer kryptex over nicehash? I started on kryptex but the nicehash withdrawal fees are a lot lower. I live in the us btw

  7. Thank you for this awesome walk-through!
    What would you say is the most efficient way to get the most out of your gpu? Would kryptex be as profitable as you setting up your miner yourself? And you mention nicehash, is it as good as kryptex in your opinion? Thanks man.

  8. Interested in seeing what my rog laptop is making so I trying my buddy's mining software. Starting to mine ETH at 7pm and it has made some progress. I am going to set up 2 desktop computers that I have laying around sence the kids went off to college. It looks like I can do something with them without having to overclock. So here is the question. If I have a gpu accelerator in my desktops, will this help with the mining?

  9. If I choose lets say rx 580 or rtx 3070.
    What is my next step for choosing motherboard, CPU and RAM?
    Cheapest motherboard that can support selected GPU?
    Cheapest CPU that fits in that motherboard?
    4GB RAM?

    Can you give an example of cheapest configuration for the GPU of your choice? (or you can use my examples of rx 580 or rtx 3070)

  10. Hey! So I really wanna get into mining, but I dont know if its still worth it in my case. I would use my main rig for a while, which has an rtx 2060, and a ryzen 5 3600, and 16 gigs of ram. I am just curious, whether i should just get into it, in your opinion. Thanks for your answer!

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