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  3. I loving helium. Been mining since the beginning. Trying to build my network up. Have a lot of new miners coming and just paid a 100 to be on the waiting list for the 5G miners. I’m really excited to see helium fly up and over. It will feel very good to finally be a wealthy man. And I’ll be able to say, I built my wealth and not inherited it. My family looked at me as the black sheep until I came from nowhere making more than all of them. I’m too decent to rub it in the faces of haters, but it feels like I don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore

  4. so let me get this straight, this thing costs $5000, 35% of what it mines is the electricity cost (for me anyway) and the daily post-power profit is around $18. Worse, at the very most you can have 3 in a typical UK household, 2 on the general circuit and one on the kitchen circuit (possibly, depending on the oven). For a $1000 less, at RRP, you can build a 3x 3070 rig which consumes 500W when running and has a similar profitability and other coins. Given it consumes 1/7th of the power, I really don't understand why any home-scale miner would go near these things. Even with scalped prices, you can build a 3x 3070 rig for this money and you can have seven times as many in your house. I suppose mining profits are very high right now but even at half these prices, I'd struggle to see why anyone in non-commercial premises would go near this. Not to mention the Delta-screamer-on-Tren noise.

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