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  2. how do you make blockfi as your main wallet or how do you make it to get your crypto straight into your blockfi acct??? I have been trying to even get the blockfi wallet address without any success… i might be doing way many things wrong i guess

  3. Be very careful if you decide to buy. In the linked Telegram room, they have published an intent to defraud the federal government of the taxes and fees associated with $11,600 of the actual purchase price of $12,000. This feels way, way too good to be true. I’m waiting until I see a few working elsewhere and if I buy one, it won’t be through a channel that under-reports the value. I’m not a fan of paying more taxes than I have to. But I won’t participate in a procurement process that has fraud built into it. If you enjoy hiding from government agencies, purchase it directly from this company. Happy to share a screenshot of their intent to defraud.

    From their Telegram (all their words – not mine):

    “Some units left from batch one discounted price



    For all the messages I keep getting

    Price 12,000$
    Payment BTC or ETH

    Working hard for card payments later

    These are ready to be shipped same day

    Tracked shipped with dhl

    Customs invoice value will put 400$

    Memory 8GB

    Please stop asking same questions”

  4. hi im just a new fllower of you channel, which is the real site to purchase this linzhi machine? please save me by not buying it from fake site thanks again.

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  7. Hi man , i am thinking of starting mining ethirium , is it profitable for coming 2 to 3 years ???? because i dont know many terminilogy , recently i came accrossh something called eip 1159 , dont know what that is but thinking that can affect the price , can u suggest me something ???

    if i buy an innosilicon a10+ , will that be profitable for coming 2 to 3 years (excluding price of miner) ?

  8. Wanted to buy a couple from their .co.uk store but don't get any reply to inquiry per mail to their supposed 24h customer service… that feels rather scammy. Can't find any product reviews by people who bought one either. Someone?

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  10. What's the best hardware option today on a budget, that will remain similarly profitable beyond the etherium proof of stake overhaul? I'd be happy to bring in $30 per day.

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