1. I'm not here to spread FUD, just bring you all honest content. If you decide you still want to build an Ethereum GPU mining rig after watching this video, that's fine with me.

    Also my goal isn't to "scare you" or anyone to "keep profits to myself" LOL — I only even have ~5 mining rigs that can even mine ETH

  2. Mining is not doomed. I already have plans for other coins. Profit loss is negligible moving from, eth to say ergo. Now if you have tons of asic eth miners you can always go to eth classic. Mining is just getting started. I think it will get even bigger in 2025.

  3. Im about to build a mining rig with a gtx 1080 tht I have and a new rtx 3080 should I do it or not if I did it what should I mine and wht I would do with the coin I mined

  4. I got my cards and miners at IMINERS,CO and they are great group of people. Cards and miners are great, support is insane, shipping is fast and they provide wholesale discount. My recommendation for them.

  5. Trading is something that I've just begun to wobble in but couldn't wrap my head around it completely. Iโ€™ve been looking into the last market crash and I realized a few investors made millions of dollars from the 2008 recession. I was wondering if such success rate could be achieved in this present market.

  6. In my opinion this conversion will just make another P.O.W. coin explode. Maybe more than one coin. With that it or they will expand to handle the network. This is like saying just because ASIC mining took over Bitcoin there was nothing else to mine. Look at the big long term picture. Not just the now.

  7. Good for ETH the 2.0 upgrade.
    Else ETH will have a slow death with a lot of pain for the sake of miners due to other project offering more features and faster/cheaper transactions.
    So ETH 2.0 GOOD…

  8. "…the Etherium is of the chart right now…". Yeah, I see – it is of the chart in negative way. From $2400 to about $1850 right now. So, what is the difference between other cryptocurrencies and this 'magical' ETH?! If you do mining and your crypto goes down, do not panic… just wait until it recover. That is all.

  9. what do the chinese crackdowns on mining, ethereum going to be stake based and the current short squeeze of btc prices have in common ? They will all profit the rich that have seen potential in crypto.

  10. Mining is not doomed. Miners will find a way and we will be mining for real gold with big machines by CAT and Volvo so we will never stop mining. I hope that crypto mining doesnโ€™t go away anytime soon because itโ€™s been great passive income but if it does Iโ€™ll keep digging in the dirt Gold Rush style! See us there this season on the show.

  11. Eth 2.0 may or may not happen this year. I personally would like to see it happen. A little pissed that I can't buy a GPU for it's intended purpose unless I'm willing to pay scalper prices on e-bay. Buying a video card shouldn't require a bank loan. I plan to mine helium instead. If the miner I bought ever arrives.

  12. No one should have even bothered building an ETH rig to begin with. All any miner needs is an algo-auto switching rig. This way when ETH goes away, whatever new coin takes its place (and trust me, there will be one), the rig will just switch to that. An Auto-Switch rig will mine ETH while it's worth it and then switch to the next best coin afterwards.

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