1. Happy new year and congratulations on your birthday. I have sold my Nivdia video cards and have stopped mining. With 18 cents p / kwh it has not been profitable for months now. I now invest an amount in crypto every month. I am very curious if mining with GPU will become profitable again, considering the ASICs and FPGAs. In addition, when another coin becomes profitable, the whole world dive in it. Many coins/project die. Bitcoin is number one and it seems to me very well to look for that one project that will do well in the coming years and speculative mining will give you more chance for that.

  2. I managed to stay profitable daily by voltage locking my 1070s to only go to about 1100core/810mem and can keep a 6 card rig at 175W (yescrypt algos) to 250W (x## algos) now I'm having to pass my rigs to MRR though

  3. Well i have 4 gtx 1080 mining RVN, 6 gtx 1080 ti mining grin31 on nicehash and 8 RX 570 4gb mining ETC. I pay 0.074$/kw/h. i am at 3000 watts for the 3 rig. So i pay 5.33$/day for power and the total i get for the 3 rig is 6.48$. But I don't mine for today's price – I mine for tomorrow's price!!!!

  4. I`m addicted to mining, love the idea behind it. I got a few theories behind why ppl can afford mining while the market is down. 1Kids get free power from parents,2 power is cheap, 3 love mining, 4 mining coins that is not on exchanges, 5 Buying coins cost more with transaction fees and BTC cost more here in South Africa than it cost in the USA

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