1. Looks like your using wood for your frames. Good for absorbing heat and vibration from the GPU fans. Of course it’s not used in any electronic casings or manufacturing of anything electronic because it’s basically kindle if it catches fire. Also it can catch fire if hot enough. But if that happens your whole RIG is pretty much gone anyway. Make the insurance claim and buy a newer more efficient set-up.

  2. great vid really well explained for beginners like myself starting out, bit of noob question how long will it be before 1080ti become old and useless nonprofitable to mine, like when 1090ti or 1100ti's come out , i am half afraid start buying all the hardware knowing my luck i would accumulate all gpu's then setup by that stage newer gpu's be out 1100ti ?

  3. Nice update, I got into mining when you did and have made enough to pay off my investment even with the current state of the market. Are you concerned about asic miners taking over ? The difficulties are going to go up here soon for the equihash algo. Could you make a video on how you went about under volting your cards?

  4. just to give some insight. I'm running (2) 1070ti's and a 1060 6gb on a 750 Platiunum PSU from EVGA. My rig pulls about 300W from the wall and heats up my room like you cant believe. I'm making roughly $100/month ETH or ZENcash at current prices and my electric bill has gone up 20-30 roughly. Personally at todays prices its not worth it… when prices were at ATH's then yeah for sure its worth it but now i do not recommend getting into this.

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