1. bwahaha! they so called gamers think they are actually winning. all self proclaimed gamers are just hypocrites. you got a rtx 3090 , and it you dont play games and mine with it your not a gamer nor a miner. your just another moron.

  2. I'm no gamer but I hate these crypto crap, they don't make any sense and it's like math or genders but instead it's greed. Et don't get me started with these people talking about Ethereium or RPG somethin NFT somethin.

  3. built my first gaming PC back in 2014 for ONLY 1200 dollars, now that I want to upgrade, I can't because graphics cards alone cost more than 1000 dollars. Fucking crypto miners, get an actual job you fucks

  4. I still can't believe that people get mad at miners, it's their job, they make a living off these cards while you just want your game to look prettier than on the previous gpu.

    PC gaming is fuckin sad man.

    Bottom line, If someone has the money the can legaly buy as many gpus as they want and no ammount of gamer rage will change that.

  5. This guys are attacking an entire industry just for their stupid and worthless session of free fire go and tell Google not to buy so many computers for their servers

  6. I can't even build a good gaming pc :/
    It's sad seeing the prices that high and frustrating seeing that people who just have their graphic cards on all day while them doing no work making more money than let's say a doctor or someone with a real job

    Edit : bought an apu lol its the only way

  7. gpu's are made for gaming not for mining
    I want to build my gaming rig but i just can't do it
    I have been saving for three years just to wait for some more years to see the gpu prices get normal .
    Well but it will never happen beacause of miners
    All I wanted was gaming

  8. Hope all miners get bankrupt i would be more forgiving if they usr those gpus to model a building or creating a software to compute complex task but they just use it to waste electricity and ruin thr market may all miners become poor and be bankrupt get a job.

  9. “I DID NOTHING WRONG” yeah you legit bought every graphic cards in my area and made me play doom on 16 fps,how is that even possible?I dunno,all I know is my life is falling apart

  10. I have an important project that demand better performing gpu. Today i checked my local store and the price of gpu i wanted to buy have become too high. Too bad this first big project i have to do need to be cancelled. Thanks to 2021 so far you crumbled my life even worse than 2020.

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