1. Hi thanks for all the videos u do… But I needed a little help with regards to my old pc…
    I have an old pc which is about 8 years old … But I do have galax gtx 2060 card in it which I used for gaming…
    Can use this in my spare time when I don't use my pc for mining alt coins.. and also is my gtx card any good for mining.. and do I need to add more graphics cards to the machine for better mining options.. at the moment just one graphics card I'm using..
    Sorry I'm a bit of a noob in this area.. thanks alot….

  2. I know that this is unrelated to the subject at hand, but I was curious.
    I know how to mine, the program, the settings, etc., but what I can't figure out is where my mined funds directly go.
    Now I put the RVN wallet address correctly into t-rex miner, so I assumed that the funds would go directly to my Exodus wallet, but I haven't seen anything in days. I figured the funds must be stored up somewhere, so I downloaded the Cudo Miner to see if this was the answer. Unfortunately, I found a whopping 6.5% Mining Fee for my tier.

    I guess my main question is where do the funds that you mine directly go? If they go to the wallet directly, then how long does it take to transfer into the wallet? If it goes into a program that you need to withdraw the funds to, then what program do you recommend?

    Info if Needed:
    I use my Gaming PC (1x ROG STRIX 2070) to mine.

  3. Bro, this video was a very important one, you shared lots of info, you must have done deep research before you shot it, so thank U really for your efforts to bring us the best and latest of all.
    I'll be eagerly waiting for your part-2 videos regarding "Rigs" & "5700".

    U're the best buddy,


    Sam ✌🏻

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