1. I have a rig in my garage that is on wifi. The rig works great but several times a day I have to remotely reboot it because the wifi connection goes off line. I have tried several different adapters and I have even set static IP's. I can't get an ethernet cable into my garage. My next step is to use a wifi bridge to ethernet. Any suggestions? ANY help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  2. I am building new rig for first time and planning to install HiveOS. I bought a PCI pluged in wifi adapter. Do I have to instal any drivers for new wifi receiver? Or just set up user/password?

  3. Hello, i have a problem with my rig 1, he is offline, im using with the cable of internet, and i swaped the cable with another rig 2 Who is working well, my rig 2 continúe working well but my rig 1 continues offline, have u got an idea so whats happening?

  4. what should i do if i flashed hiveos to a usb and connected ethermet. when i turned my rig on the worker is not detecting on hiveos website

  5. been trying to start mining for days now. when i do net-test it says no internet on ethernet, also wifi doesnt work. basically its all set up on both the site and the rig but it refuses to acknowledge there is a network

  6. help!!! my gpus have a red box around them in hive os and i dont know why. i should have plenty of power and when i run windows all gpus mine fine. but for some reason when i plug in my hive os it only shows up as red boxes and say gpus unavailable even though i can see them when i look at workers. it also shows as online. super frustrated at this point. been trying to figure it out for 5 hours. also, when i plug this hive os into my rx 580 rig, it works fine. its when i plug it into my rx 5700 xt rig that i cant get it to work. ive been letting my 580s run but i cant get these 5700's to give me green boxes in hive. please help!!!!!

  7. What power unit are you ising to run this 6 card rig? I have a Corsair 1200 platinum. Would that be big enough for my 6 MSI 1070ti Duke gpus. Cheers Jack

  8. Thx bro for the update and step-by-step troubleshooting, so glad U had it figured out, I usually do almost the same when I come across something similar.

    All the best bro, U're the best 😎✌🏻


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